Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

The Beginnings...and a crash

After handing off our ‘cargo’ to the Rebels we find ourselves ‘entangled’ with the Imperial Navy. We barely escape, but the damage to Black Wolf is severe. The primary hyperdrive is inoperable and we limp in to Angoff, the Swamp planet, for repairs. This is helped immeasurably by crashing into the planet as opposed to landing. After failing to communicate with any degree of success with the space port control tower, Vuko proceeds to fail to land, then fails to be able to pay for repairs, or indeed accommodation. The local ‘personality’ Lorro Ecles agrees to bankroll the repairs to Black Wolf in return for a favour for a friend. We need to visit the Wheel and do a little job for Reeom. He needs us to find something…

Some rich dude is coming to Angoff to hunt something big. He is looking for some body guards but he couldn’t find any so in a pinch we will do.

The real question is “who betrayed us?” The Imperials who ambushed us were alerted by a transmission from the heart of Golga’s Palace (?). But was it Golga who betrayed us, or does Golga have troubles of his own? Maybe there is an opportunity to lessen our debt by finding out. If we can figure out who betrayed Golga then he might be in our debt…a bit. Lorro thinks that Golga has trouble in his house.


rneate320 dave_binny

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