Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

The Hunt...and the Hunted

As the crew of Black Wolf prepares to earn a few credits escorting Hunter Gorr on a big game hunt, the companions sense they are being followed. Vuko slips away and watches as a couple of farmers and then a farming droid both wander along behind Garth and the other one. Following at a discrete distance, the farmers follow the crew inside and the droid, after stopping for a moment outside the Slippery Eel, proceeds on to the Shivas Gas Co-op. Is there something afoot? Or is it all just a weird coincidence? More importantly, can the crew make a fast Credit shipping Gas off world?

The next morning the crew meet Hunter Gorr ready for the outing. Garth has generously prepped the crew with Gas Masks and wet weather clothes, which will surely be handy out near the ocean. Locals have told us that the ocean can get very rough indeed, and no one goes fishing out there. Vuko takes the pilot’s seat of the skiff and the crew start praying.


rneate320 dave_binny

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