Garrack Steele

Bounty Hunter


10 years ago, life on Mandalore was good even though the planet was not what it had once been. No longer a power in the galaxy, not since the days before clone wars. The factions of Mandalore had torn our people apart, the politicians had taken over and with them came the plots and scheme, fuelled by the politicians greed for power and credits. All of which made the fall to the Empire even quicker than it would have been just a few years earlier, when Mandalore was at its strongest.

My family had a good life, my father was once a soldier, but like so many after the Grand Mandalorean Army was disbanded and broken into House armies, resigned his commission and took up a trade. He was a tinkerer of sorts, a Gadgeteer he called himself, his work was to improve pieces of equipment, everything from ship parts, slicing tools, armour to melee and ranged weapons. He had a good reputation and a loyal clientele, both from on and off planet. Most of his customers were good people, but some were obviously criminals and Father did his best to avoid their repeat trade. Some of his customers were Bounty Hunters, so many of our people had turned to this trade since the disbanding. They were hard beings and when one was coming into the shop Father would make me and my sister stay in the living quarters with our Mother. I would often hide somewhere in the workshop and catch glimpses of the Hunters, whether alien or human they were rarely remarkable looking beings, but they fascinated me none the less.

When I turned 14, my Father taught me about modifying weapons and armour, my favourite job was turning something, usually armour, into a weapon, the more innocent looking it was the more I enjoyed doing it. The Hunters were now his main trade and it was a growing trade and it had benefits; as his increased trade with the Hunters had brought with it the attention of the Bounty Hunters Guild and he was now a registered member, which gave him Guild protection as well as bringing in extra business. This also meant that many a Hunter wannabe or criminal thought they could strong arm my Father into working for them as well. And that is how my life changed very suddenly in a single minute.

Life as I knew it vanished one day. I was out delivering a modified Navi-Computer to a customer, I returned to the workshop in time to see a man holding a blaster to my Father’s head, my Mother and Sister lying lifeless beside him. In an instant I recognised the man, he had come into the shop the previous day wanting a blaster carbine and pistol modified to operate on his bio-metric signature only, an expensive but relatively simple modification. Father had refused telling him that we were too busy, he hadn’t taken it well. As I opened the door I was drawing my own blaster, the man turned, smiled and then shot my father. I was in a state of shock watching him crumple to the ground, the man was already levelling his blaster on me when two blaster bolts flew over my head and he dropped. One of our regular Hunter customers put his hand on my shoulder and said “Sorry kid,” looking towards my family “I have been tracking this guy for a week now and would have been here sooner, if not for a hold up at the spaceport.”

Stonis stayed on and helped me sort out taking care of my family’s final arrangements, after a week he said he needed to get back into the hunt, he said he had spoken to the guild and they had “suggested” that he offer to take me on to look after me. Apparently my Father had obligations to the Guild that still needed to be met one day, now they were my obligations to fulfil, but first I needed to become stronger, train and learn new skills. Before leaving Stonis went into the back of the workshop and lifted part of the floor away, lifting out a chest he said “These were your Father’s armour and weapons, you aren’t ready for them yet, but when you are they are yours, they will be held at the Guild until then.” It was then he told me that he and Father served together in the same unit, they had been injured in an ambush by a bomb blast, while my father had lost an eye and had been breathing thanks to a number of cybernetic implants and Stonis now sported both a cybernetic arm and leg, both were severely injured and discharge from their unit, the Mandolorian Protectors.

I took as many tools and other items from the workshop as I could get loaded onto the speeder before we left for the spaceport, the workshop for now was in the name of the guild, but the arrangement was that it would be mine again one day. Since then I have been working with Stonis learning the trade of a Hunter, I still tinker with gadgets and Stonis is in possession of some of my best work, my mods do sometimes fail, but so far in the field nothing had gone wrong. A month ago the Guild accredited me as a Hunter, now I have a decision to make, do I go it alone and build up a team like Stonis‘s or do I stay with him and remain part of his team? I owe him and the Guild for rescuing me, Stonis has been like a father to me and I also know that one day the Guild will hold me to my family’s obligation.

Recently Stonis was contracted by a Hutt named Golga for a number of jobs, one of these jobs was a deep cover solo hunt that has found me left behind at the Guild’s request to work for Golga when he needs a Hunter’s skillset. Stonis also suggested this was a good opportunity to get more cash and experience in the Hunt before I make any decisions about my future ambitions. Before he left Stonis told me to follow Golga’s commands and keep a careful eye on the comings and goings of his base, nothing more specific than that, but he made it clear he was sure that someone else was calling the shots here.

I am currently working with a small team, made up of myself, a Rodian pilot called Vuko and an outlaw tech called Brax. Vuko’s ship, the Black Wolf, is our base of operations and Golga has us constantly busy, sometimes it’s running goods from one place to another, paying visits on those who owe him money and other times it’s a Hunt. So long as the Hunt is registered with the Guild, I am in, one of the primary rules of the Guild is not to interfere with another’s Hunt so all Hunts are registered to avoid clashes, unless of course the client has a desire to employ multiple Hunters for a particularly difficult target. Even then we will not get in each other’s way and will work together for a share of the bounty. (Registering a hunt is also critical when it comes to paying the Guild it’s dues, as yet I am not a member of any of the Guild faction houses, but that day will also come.)

How this ship stays together is beyond me, but somehow Brax keeps it in the air and Vuko appears to be a capable pilot.

Obligation: Duty bound to both Stonis Tanau and the Hunter’s Guild
Motivation: Ambition – Expertise

Garrack Steele

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