Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

The hunt that never happened
BH vs Sector Ranger

While Vuko was off gathering intel from his Rodian sources, Gar and Trax went in search of tech items to use for making Mods.

On the way to the Lower Decks Gar receives a Hunt from the BH Guild. A bounty of 1000 credits is offered on a Duros by the name of Poda Nilana, a dangerous individual withe penchant for heavy weapons and a bad drinking habit.

While checking on on the cantinas on the way to the Lower Decks, Gar manages to enlist the services of a human named Balo, as an informant. Balo leads them to Poda, but as they move in for the capture he has been taken by the Sector Rangers, the Empire’s “legalised” bounty hunters.

As the Rangers leave with Poda, it seems as though one of them recognises Trax, the duo back off and let the Rangers take Poda. Reporting the failed hunt to the Guild, it’s odd that Imperials would be operating in The Wheel, Poda must be more important than we first thought.

Gar asks Balo to let him know if he hears anymore of Poda’s activities or if he is released.

Gar and Trax head down to the lower decks and secure a couple of crates of items suitable for making modifications and attachments. They head back to the ship to await the arrival of the 3po droid.

The Hunt...and the Hunted

As the crew of Black Wolf prepares to earn a few credits escorting Hunter Gorr on a big game hunt, the companions sense they are being followed. Vuko slips away and watches as a couple of farmers and then a farming droid both wander along behind Garth and the other one. Following at a discrete distance, the farmers follow the crew inside and the droid, after stopping for a moment outside the Slippery Eel, proceeds on to the Shivas Gas Co-op. Is there something afoot? Or is it all just a weird coincidence? More importantly, can the crew make a fast Credit shipping Gas off world?

The next morning the crew meet Hunter Gorr ready for the outing. Garth has generously prepped the crew with Gas Masks and wet weather clothes, which will surely be handy out near the ocean. Locals have told us that the ocean can get very rough indeed, and no one goes fishing out there. Vuko takes the pilot’s seat of the skiff and the crew start praying.

The Beginnings...and a crash

After handing off our ‘cargo’ to the Rebels we find ourselves ‘entangled’ with the Imperial Navy. We barely escape, but the damage to Black Wolf is severe. The primary hyperdrive is inoperable and we limp in to Angoff, the Swamp planet, for repairs. This is helped immeasurably by crashing into the planet as opposed to landing. After failing to communicate with any degree of success with the space port control tower, Vuko proceeds to fail to land, then fails to be able to pay for repairs, or indeed accommodation. The local ‘personality’ Lorro Ecles agrees to bankroll the repairs to Black Wolf in return for a favour for a friend. We need to visit the Wheel and do a little job for Reeom. He needs us to find something…

Some rich dude is coming to Angoff to hunt something big. He is looking for some body guards but he couldn’t find any so in a pinch we will do.

The real question is “who betrayed us?” The Imperials who ambushed us were alerted by a transmission from the heart of Golga’s Palace (?). But was it Golga who betrayed us, or does Golga have troubles of his own? Maybe there is an opportunity to lessen our debt by finding out. If we can figure out who betrayed Golga then he might be in our debt…a bit. Lorro thinks that Golga has trouble in his house.

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