Vuko Nu

Rodian Pilot


Born into the Roolek Clan, Vuko’s family ran a Rodian Drama troupe. The whole family toured the sector delivering performances. Trained to the stage from an early age, Vuko specialised in contorting himself into costumes, and using stage makeup to play unusual creatures or member of other races. His natural litheness and agility was also useful in other stage entertainments such as juggling. He hated being cooped up in the restrictive costumes, he hated being bound to the family business as a stage performer. He longed for the freedom to stay in the places he liked rather than moving on at the end of performance runs. Even though he was a productive member of the troupe and couldn’t help learning a few tricks of the stage, he was always more interested in the ships that took the troupe from place to place. He was particularly interested in the pilots who plied the spacelanes. These formative years away from the Rodian culture tempered some of the Rodian cultural tendencies, but occasionally when provoked the Rodian comes out, requiring a hasty departure (and a mop).

Endless days of his youth were spent pestering pilots to show him how the ships worked. More and more Vuko’s dream was to one day be a pilot with his own ship, and leave the restrictive life of a travelling performer. One day, thinking that a life on a freighter represented the ultimate freedom, he simply stowed away and didn’t get off the ship, becoming ‘ships boy’ on a tramp freighter, the Red Weasel, and continued to learn more of skills of a pilot. The rough captain, Samual Beans, worked him hard and paid him little and his life of freedom turned out to be little more than indentured servitude. It turned out that the ‘freedom’ of a freighter crew was worse than that of a travelling performer. And so Vuko once again dreamed of a better life out from the yoke of Captain Beans. Vuko learned his trade, and on a fateful run through the outer worlds, the Red Weasel carted a stranger between worlds. The stranger kept to himself and more intriguingly, Beans was afraid of the stranger. Vuko got the impression that Beans did not want him aboard but had no choice. Vuko’s curiosity meant it was inevitable that he should gravitate to the stranger on the journey and strike up a conversation, eventually sharing his dream of the freedom of having his own ship.

The Stranger, of course, was a Devaronian named Virack Grahrk, an ‘agent’ for Golga the Hutt and the young Rodian, now doing duty as a backup pilot and ship’s gunner, was effortlessly lured into service with the opportunity to realise his dream once again. And so Vuko found himself in possession of Black Wolf a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1310 Light Freighter. With the endless expanse of space before him and a fast freighter beneath his feet, Vuko dreams of the freedom of flying the galaxy were short lived, quickly replaced with the realisation that he had never been less free than now. Owing Virack Grahrk means never having to say you’re sorry, because not being able to meet the crippling repayments meant Virack made you sorry…unless you’d like to do a little job for the boys in lieu of payment…

And so Vuko lives with the ever present threat of Golga the Hutt needing a little job done to help with the payments, and a with a ship that is a little temperamental due to the stress of the high-output ion drives, and desperate for some jobs that pay big, to get the man off his back and finally have the freedom to be his own boss as he flies the spacelanes. I need money…badly…and a damn good mechanic. There’s a job for a good mechanic on board the Black Wolf you can be sure.

Obligation – I owe Virack Grahrk money…and lots of it
Motivation – Vuko wants to be free. Free from the Dance Troupe. Free from Beans. Free from Virack Grahrk.
Money is the key to his freedom. If he can just pay them off he’ll finally be able to make his own decisions.

Vuko Nu

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