Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

The hunt that never happened

BH vs Sector Ranger

While Vuko was off gathering intel from his Rodian sources, Gar and Trax went in search of tech items to use for making Mods.

On the way to the Lower Decks Gar receives a Hunt from the BH Guild. A bounty of 1000 credits is offered on a Duros by the name of Poda Nilana, a dangerous individual withe penchant for heavy weapons and a bad drinking habit.

While checking on on the cantinas on the way to the Lower Decks, Gar manages to enlist the services of a human named Balo, as an informant. Balo leads them to Poda, but as they move in for the capture he has been taken by the Sector Rangers, the Empire’s “legalised” bounty hunters.

As the Rangers leave with Poda, it seems as though one of them recognises Trax, the duo back off and let the Rangers take Poda. Reporting the failed hunt to the Guild, it’s odd that Imperials would be operating in The Wheel, Poda must be more important than we first thought.

Gar asks Balo to let him know if he hears anymore of Poda’s activities or if he is released.

Gar and Trax head down to the lower decks and secure a couple of crates of items suitable for making modifications and attachments. They head back to the ship to await the arrival of the 3po droid.


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